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 13 sep 2004
aReact is an EU funded project aiming at the development of smart policies for the implementation of Renewable Energy. Here the focus is on Electricity
 14 may 2004
During the Conference I prepared the Conference Conclusions and presented them at the concluding session
11- 14 may  
Two Presentations about the Dutch Action for the implementation of bioenergy, to achieve the 2010 targets, and the transition approach for the long term achievements and the accompanying research
21 april 2004
Presentation in Dutch
maart 2004
In Dutch, based on IEA bioenergy meeting in october in Brasil about the ethanol market
 feb 2004
Final report of the development of a vision and transition paths for the Netherlands
Presentation, with a video and slides (presented by Andre Faaij
16 jan 2004
Paper presented in Seoul (South Korea) in the framework of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
16 jan 2004
dec 2003
A paper developed together with IEA bioenergy task 38: Green House Gases on the low support of ETS for Renewables
nov 2003
Bioenergy Enlarged Perspectives, Contractors meeting and Brokerage event
may  2003
Op basis van IEA meeting in mei, gepubliceerd in het Vakblad Afval
april may 2003
Paper presented at the IEA bioenergy Task 31 workshop in 2001 in the Netherlands
On this site a complete review of biomass in Europe is presented
National organiser of this 12th European Biomass conference in the Netherlands
Biomass Forum Netherlands
nov 2001
Paper for Workshop organized by IEA on Best Practice Dissemination of  New and Renewable energy technologies
abstract prepared for the 4th Biomass Conference of the Americas (cancelled, due to 11/9) paper here available 
NL>> en ook de Nederlandse versie
Caddett brochure
Worldbank Workshop in Amsterdam
In preparation for market introduction of  renewable energy in China